song – i wanna frost your cheerio

July 31, 2007

[splashcast GTOM3338NB TUYI7592EQ]

frosted cheerios

this is an old song i wrote about frosted cheerios. i like frosted cheerios. they used to be my favorite kind of cheerio. now my favorite kind of cheerio is honey nut. i feel they are much more subtle than frosted cheerios. plus i like the mascot. plain cheerios are disgusting and should only be eaten by children who don’t know any better. i don’t eat any cereal now except granola because i am very weight conscious, but when i enjoyed sugary cereals, my two favorite cereals were:

1) reese’s puff cereal – it is soft and heavenly
2) cinnamon toast crunch – broth

(prize at bottom of box: here is a heartwarming story about captain crunch)

some of the vocals are heroically off key. i wanted to rerecord them but my voice doesn’t go to that place anymore. in any case, i hope they are more amusing than painful.


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