song – pie

July 31, 2007

[splashcast AXMA1306IY FFWQ2799XI]


one time very late at night i tried to make an apple pie from scratch.  the filling was a lot of fun to make because of all the apple peeling and slicing and mixing them with lots of cinnamon and sugar.  but the crust did not go so well.  i have never been good at dough and pie crust was no exception especially cause it’s so thin.  i got the bottom crust in basically fine and then put the filling in, but the top crust was such a nightmare because you’re trying to lift this big thin sheet of dough up and lay it down perfectly over an irregular apple chunked surface and i am not good at arts and crafts, ok, i can barely use scissors, so this is a difficult task for my level of manual dexterity.  so anyway i just made it fit as well as i could and then did the fork thing around the edges.

really though the thing i thought i’d fucked up was actually not what i fucked up the worst, although it was still pretty fucked up too.  but no, i didn’t do something right with the filling and it came out more liquidy than gooey (i think not enough corn starch or
something).  i think almost all of it got eaten, though.  if you put ice cream on almost anything it can be tolerable to eat, especially if that anything is a mound of sugar and cinnamon and apples and butter.

my favorite kind of pie is actually cheesecake, which according to wikipedia and common sense is actually a pie and not a cake.  but cheesecake is a much more difficult word to make the focus of a song.

this is a song i wrote called “pie”.  it is about pie and the desiring of it and the eating of it.

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