song – someday (sugar ray)

July 31, 2007

[splashcast IWSL4087KB XXSZ9176ZW]


one of the things i have come to notice spending a lot of time  at the villa dylano pool, where loudspeakers constantly pump out a horribly bad top 40 radio station, where many of the songs are painful to listen to, actually give pain to my ears and brain and heart, one of the things i have come to notice is that i am able to receive intense pleasure from certain artists who i would never listen to on my own time, one of those artists being sugar ray.

all of sugar ray’s popular songs  (“fly”, “every morning”,  “someday”, “when it’s over” ) sound almost exactly the same and by exactly the same i mean uniformly great.   they all feature a simple acoustic guitar loop, glassy and smooth as the surface of a swimming pool, under which thumps a simple drum beat, over which is laid some kind of intermittent hazy vocal sample or reggae toast, which is then spread over with the buttery, sweet harmonies of one mark mccgrath, arrayed around a major key melody, the kind which a child might create by arraying notes of orange pez on a musical staff made of grape fun dip.

in other words i think sugar ray is great and what is great about them is that there is nothing particularly remarkable about them.  they are a stone from a garden polished until they are very shiny and nice to look at.  i think i wish that mark mccgrath had been on the surreal life instead of that loser from smashmouth, but i know it wouldn’t have made good television because mark mccgrath would have just been a nice ordinary guy who you would like to hang out with and maybe watch tv.  that’s what sugar ray is – they are nice and ordinary and average and that’s what makes us feel comfortable and good and people might think i am being sarcastic or cynical but i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that at all, with being average.  i think sugar ray are the aural equivalent of very nice pool water, clean and not too chlorinated and just cool enough that it makes your heart beat a little faster when you jump into it.  and someone could read that image as bland and sterile and not flattering, i guess, but i don’t think that’s true.  very nice pool water is a wonderful thing, really, one of my favorite things in the world.  so that’s why i like sugar ray.

this is a cover i did of “someday” by sugar ray, which i heard at the pool today.  i redid it in a way kind of ripping off late period yo la tengo.   it is nowhere near the genius of messrs. sugar ray, but it’s what i got.  (“what i got”, even though sublime has been ruined for me since tenth grade, is also a song that at the pool makes me happy.)

right when we were about to leave the pool today this incredibly hot girl showed up.  i could tell she was rich because the pants she was wearing over her swimsuit like they were made out of a very fine and rare kind of crepe paper.  then she took her clothes off and she had perhaps the finest tan i have ever seen in person.  it was a great tone and perfectly even.  she was several leagues out of my league, but as i was towelling off my head with my t-shirt i saw her looking at me (she was probably seeing my subpar side-tan) and we made eye contact and i just wanted to lock gazes and to say to her, in a very serious, john hughes movie sort of way,  “you have a really nice tan,” say it so direct and clear that it could boil water, and then break the gaze like a stalk and walk away.

instead i went home and bought an oreo ice cream bar from the ice cream man, who really is as gruff and strange and kind of nice as you would expect someone driving an ice cream truck through a college neighborhood to be.  it was childish but tasty.

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