life during wartime

August 2, 2007

this story about people in afghanistan watching television every day is heartwarming.

The latest national survey, which dates from 2005, shows that 19 percent of Afghan households own a television, a remarkable total considering not only that owning a TV was a crime under the Taliban but that a mere 14 percent of the population has access to public electricity.

i think the true sign of some sort of apocalyptic attack in the united states would be the lack of television. if the terrorists really wanted to hurt us, that’s what they would do, blow up the direcTV satellite, kill the cable lines. imagine how frightened people would be if they woke up without television.

“But what did they want to watch? Afghan tastes had not been allowed to gestate over decades, passing from Milton BerleJohnny Carson to Bart Simpson. Everything would be brand-new. “We let ourselves be guided by what we liked,” Mr. Mohseni said.”

just imagine, an entire rainbow spectrum of television, everything, for fifty years, just blinking into existence like an all you can eat buffet the size of texas, the varieties, the surprises, the drama.  it’s the kind of thing that would make me cry if i had feelings.


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