enrique iglesias doesn’t pick up his own dogshit

August 13, 2007

today i was watching “live with regis and kelly” because i am a housewife. enrique iglesias was the guest host and revealed that he doesn’t pick up his own dogshit. if you think about it, this makes sense and almost seems blatantly obvious, but it served for an entertaining extended comedic riff. i enjoyed enrique iglesias, he seemed unpretentious and affable, likely because he was wearing a baseball cap that matched his shirt.

lauren conrad from the hills was also on the show. she seemed stiff and awkward. it makes sense that she is a bad interview because while the dialogue on the hills is very good, the focus is on the pregnant pause that means more, the intricacies of face and eye acting, of poses and subtle performance. a better showcase for her talents on talk shows would be a silent two to three minute static shot close-up shot of her face as she lays on a nice sofa in soft, warm light.

enrique iglesias didn’t say anything during the entire interview – he just clapped when the show went to break

a really interesting marketing gesture i think is the mtvthehills youtube group, which i came across looking for samples to use during the breakdown of my cover of the hills theme. it’s a viral marketing thing for the hills season two dvds which consists of “emoticlips”.

as you can see, these twenty to thirty second clips of the hills are framed by textual commentary which teases out the context of the scene and then generalizes it, in a sort of “oh, you know how it is, girlfriend” kind of way, with the ultimate tagline for all the emoticlips being “i know you can relate.” i think relate is interesting here, as during her kelly ripa interview, lauren conrad also mentioned a desire to be “relatable.” i think this is great because it really points at the constructedness of reality existence; aren’t human beings generally already “relatable” to other human beings? the term relatable is used to discuss fictions, to discuss forging the connection between a representation (the character, the aesthetic object) to the audience (real live human beings). and even if lauren conrad is a real live human being, LC is a representation, a character. and the tension between the two is, i think, one of the things that makes the show so compelling.

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