readings – movies that made them cry

October 3, 2007

the movies that made them cry

lauren – the notebook – standard girl crying movie, fitting for lauren’s status as sort of “everygirl” narrator, a status she is self-conscious of (“i know it’s not very original”). “i remember i was watching it in my apartment alone and i felt like a really big loser.”

heidi – armageddon – mass market bruckheimer explosion movie, which heidi admits to having seen many times. heidi is in a relationship- probably this is also (or solely) a favorite of spencer’s. “i know i’ve seen it, i know what happens, but it’s still just as sad.”

audrina – disturbia – teen psych thriller, echoes of hitchcock and faux-edginess of title underline audrina’s psychological issues w/re:to justinbobby and choices w/re:to eye makeup. “i cried when the car accident happened.”

whitney – click – the adam sandler movie. strange, completely apropos of whitney’s intense idiosyncracies. “i got so sad when he messed up his life with the clicker.”


2 Responses to “readings – movies that made them cry”

  1. Jon L Says:

    how about the classic -old yeller- Honestly who can say they saw the movie and didn’t cry. If they tell you they didn’t their lying.

  2. songsaboutbuildingsandfood Says:

    they are not liars.

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