readings – jezebel

October 25, 2007

“More fakeness on The Hills: Lauren Conrad rolls her eyes when people try to talk to her and the cameras are off. Plus — she went on a date, and when she was reflecting on it “afterward” she’d changed her hair and nail polish. No one thinks it’s real, yet no one can stop watching. It’s like wrestling. (With cell phones and skinny jeans.)”

the genius of jezebel. they can say the things i want to say in 50 words instead of 3000.


2 Responses to “readings – jezebel”

  1. ilovehills Says:

    I read about the nail polish thing every where. And I still didnt believe it . And then I read this Best Week Ever article, It was an interview with the guy who went on a date with LC, the model dude. And he talks about how fake the taping is. Read the article its crazy.

  2. songsaboutbuildingsandfood Says:

    thanks ilovehills, that’s a fascinating interview.

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