spencer’s sex tape

October 29, 2007

a socialite’s life picked up a national enquirer story about spencer pratt’s sex tape. no, not the mythical glimpse of lauren’s vjj: it’s spencer! apparently he tried to make a sex tape of “him and a few buddies exploring the, er… hills and valleys of some smokin’ hot Brazilian babes!” (see my previous coverage of gangbangs). isn’t that great? i mean, besides the fact that his celebrity sex tape was so bad that a hired gun video editor refused to work on it(!!!), but just the idea that he is trying to manufacture a sex tape controversy ala paris, to throw a twist into the plot in the hope of increasing his prominence in the narrative. was the lauren sex tape rumor not (or not only) an attempt to hurt her, but an attempt to create a controversy that would drive up the ratings of the television show in which he also stars?

lately i’ve been thinking of spencer as a west coast doppleganger of rory gilmore’s college boyfriend logan. i was watching a rerun of “gilmore girls” while working on a piece about “kaya” and the thought struck me. instead of the old money sophistication and WASPy charm of logan, he’s got the hustle and schmooze of hollywood. logan, like everyone in the sugar-coated world of “the gilmore girls” has a heart of gold (a criticism, sure, but who doesn’t like the taste of sugar), while spencer is a real person who sometimes does things that are not perfectly morally justifiable, like taping gangbangs with brazillian girls.


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