gavin’s past lives

October 30, 2007

if it’s real and not mtv mud slinging (i am too tired for research), this letter from gavin to the owner of a britney spears fansite is really endearing.

“June 8th, 2004, 07:34 PM


Let the rain fall down Gavin!My name is Gavin. I don’t know if you remember me, but I sent you those pictures of Britney and Justin in Memphis 4 years ago, and I also met you at Jay Leno. I’ve gone to your web site probably over 1700 times in the past few years… and I’ve gone from this kid who had these dreams because of Britney (no joke) and I moved out to LA and they are coming true. It’s just so weird how one person can help shape your life in so many ways… Britney showed me that you can get out of the south and really go for things… and so I did… and now I’ve gotten to be on TV and stuff and it’s just been amazing… Britney helped me think outside the box and you gave me a way to really be a fan… a fan to the core with WoB. I’ve only been in LA for less than two years, and so far, I’ve done TV-commercials for American Eagle, Dunkin’ donuts, McDonalds, Old Navy, USPS, Kmart, Chevy, Nintendo and Target. I’ve done lots of modeling too. I also played Hilary Duff’s boyfriend in the ‘Come Clean’ music video (I was the one driving the car). I just wanted to share my story with you in hopes that it will inspire other fans in the same way that Britney and [World of Britney] inspired me. ””

he’s like a cuter version of chris crocker.  i love the specificity of “probably over 1700 times,” his laundry list of jobs, and his passionate use of the ellipsis.


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