digression – natasha bedingfield on the today show

November 21, 2007


natasha bedingfield was on the today show this morning, wearing an admiral’s hat and a white jacket. it reminded me of the captain and tenille, but cute. she was a pretty good live singer. on her second song, someone dropped in to do a (relatively unremarkable) guest verse. guess who?

sean kingston

“Either you have stumbled indeed, without the aid of LSD or other indole alkaloids, onto a secret richness and concealed density of dream; onto a network by which X number of Americans are truly communicating whilst reserving their lies, recitations of routine, arid betrayals of spiritual poverty…; maybe even onto a real alternative to the exitlessness, to the absence of surprise to life, that harrows the head of everybody American you know, and you too, sweetie. Or you are hallucinating it. Or a plot has been mounted against you, so expensive and elaborate, involving items like the forging of stamps and ancient books, constant surveillance of your movements, planting of…images all over San Francisco, bribing of librarians, hiring of professional actors and…what-all besides, all financed out of the estate in a way either too secret or too involved for your non-legal mind to know about even though you are co-executor, so labyrinthine that it must have meaning beyond just a practical joke. Or you are fantasying some such plot, in which case you are a nut, Oedipa, out of your skull.” – src

One Response to “digression – natasha bedingfield on the today show”

  1. ->iOo Says:

    w sean kingston!!
    ha fatto una canzone fantastica (beutiful girl) io la ascolto sempre a me mi piace e nn mi annoio mai di ascoltarla..

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