holding pattern

December 21, 2007

hello, lots of people! i am in the midst of last minute prep for a move and have no time to update, even though i am happy to see you all. sometime next week i will be back with new content, including a longish thing i have in the works on ricky gervais, the season finale of “extras,” auteur theory, and why people hate reality television but shouldn’t. (also probably some shit about heidi and spencer’s wedding being called off or a close reading of “body language” because i just can’t stay away) ((also, aren’t you so happy that whitney’s not getting kicked off the island? i am))

if you watch/like/love “the hills,” then you are prepared for any of my posts; also, by virtue of your good taste, you surely are attractive, intelligent, and smell nice, so hi. if you don’t watch “the hills,” you might want to start with understanding the hills, part 1, after which you should watch an episode from the third season on mtv overdrive (this is a subpar way of experiencing the show – the images are so beautiful that they demand TV resolution – but something is better than nothing). if you don’t like “the hills,” then you might enjoy my fan fiction, but also understand that if you don’t like “the hills,” you probably won’t like me.


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