the cast of “the hills” as children

January 25, 2008

“I was a very quirky child,” Port, 22, reminisces about her early years. “Being the third of five kids, there was never a chance to be shy. We each had to have a very strong voice to be heard.”

see photos of lauren, brody, whitney, and audrina as children at us. the ones of them as children are adorable, although the ones of them as babies reinforces my belief that all babies are ugly. i was sad not to see pictures of beloved lo, who has moved/is moving into lauren’s new house (!!!), as i’m sure she was a very sassy child. also, no polaroids of heidi and spencer? how scandalous. the times made its endorsements today*; is “us” taking a stand against speidi?!

* if you couldn’t guess, i am an ardent supporter of barack obama because i am very shallow and he is the best looking candidate. also, other reasons.


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