the cover of the rolling stone

April 9, 2008

i am writing about the episodes this week but they were way better than the last two and it is taking longer and my head hurts. please stop with the bonus episodes, mtv. it hurts me, like, physically.

from perez hilton

“Lauren and Heidi (and the other girls) are doing the cover of Rolling Stone today [Tuesday],” a magazine insider tells us. “This is the first time in two years that L.C. and Heidi have been on a photo shoot together.”

any commentary, perez?

Should be inneresting!!!!

jesus. you know i don’t do these kind of news items but i saw the story and immediately saw my one chance ever to post this kick ass video.

q: does the quick reentry to the verse at 4:26 reveal that the seemingly “real” drunk feedback and pick-scrape “solo” was totally planned, like on “the hills”?

a: like on “the hills,” it’s so good it doesn’t matter.

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