great profile of kelly cutrone in the observer

June 18, 2008

“I think that people hate women,” she added. “And I don’t think they like powerful women, and I think it really goes back to Salem, I really do. I think it really goes back to this concept of, you know, hysterical coming from uterus…I think that people really have to look back to Egypt, and this concept of women being in power is not a new thought. With the advent of religion, you saw the demise of the female in the godhead. In Christianity, Mary gets pregnant on her own, she doesn’t even get fucked.

“Another presence at le château Cutrone is Paul Morrissey, Warhol’s filmmaker and the former manager of the Velvet Underground, whom she met though Mr. Cutrone years ago, has reconnected with, and now considers an “uncle.” (It has been reported he is making a film about Demian.)

If your head isn’t spinning yet, get this: Ms. Cutrone is trying to set up Demian with Whitney Port. “I was like, ‘Paul, if I get Whitney to marry Demian, will you come and direct an episode of The Hills?’ That would be the ultimate Warhol thing, right? To get fucking Paul to do an episode of The Hills would be amaaaaazing!”

Ms. Cutrone suddenly blared “Rapper’s Delight” from her laptop and lit a cigarette at her desk. “Sometimes I do nothing for a moment,” she said, adding that she uses brief, deafening musical interludes as “a management tool.”

so yeah, this confirms my belief that kelly cutrone is pretty fucking awesome. i loved lisa love but i can’t really imagine her talking about “the demise of the female in the godhead.”


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