July 31, 2008

“A typical week begins with producers calling the core cast members on Sunday and getting intel on what’s happened to them over the weekend. An e-mail update is sent to the staff that night so everyone can prepare for Monday’s ”story meeting,” in which the producers and story editors sit around and dissect the Hills girls’ personal and social lives. From that, they determine whom to film during the week. (On average, it takes editors four to six weeks to cull through the footage and put together an episode.) Lauren and her costars are forbidden to attend these meetings. ”I would love to sit through one of those,” says Lauren, ”because it’s really them being like, ‘Yo, did you hear what this person said?”’

OMG DREAM JOB!!! this is a really good article, maybe the best one i’ve ever read about “the hills.” there is a lot i would like to say about it but i am trying to avoid burning out and using up all my material before the season even starts. (unless someone wants to quote me in something that i can add to my sad, flimsy resume since i spent this year writing a blog about “the hills” instead of submitting stories to small literary magazines like i was supposed to and so now i have to build a portfolio and do tedious grad school applications at the exact same time that i am writing obsessively and at great length and hopefully with video illustrations about this (possibly final) season of the most important show on television.)

on a related note, today is my one year anniversary! thanks so much to everyone who read, commented, or wrote or linked to me, especially virginia heffernan, rex sorgatz, michael newman, and also crypto who i never ever link to but who is always writing the nicest fucking things about me.

117 posts (favorite #1,2,3)

126,000 words (roughly) (favorite #1,#2)

196 comments (favorite)

6 chapters of fan fiction (favorite)

50 songs (favorite)

8 videos (favorite)

75,844 hits (favorite)

4 Responses to “anniversary”

  1. sienna Says:

    This was a great article on the hills. It is amazing how self aware Lauren is which makes me think that she is playing a character on the hills and maybe to some extent they are all. I think that if she does not like the way she is being portrayed she would change it and be different. This lead me to think that Lauren plays a character for hills and lives her true life off camera. I really hope there is a season 5, it would be great to end after 5 season.

  2. Zach Says:

    Great Article

  3. Tracey Says:

    Congrats on 1 year! I’ve loved reading your posts and small literary magazines never reach the sublime artsy-ness of The Hills.

  4. Adam Sank Says:

    Happy belated one-year anniversary! I love this blog to death, even though I resent that you’re such a better writer than me.

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