christmas songs – 1. “christmas song”

December 4, 2008


1. christmas song

so after i quit trying to apply to graduate school, i decided that i was going to record a christmas EP.  i hadn’t been recording or really even playing music for a while and i thought that the change might be kind of nice.  and at first, it was amazing! just like when i started working on my grad school portfolio, i had this amazing burst of creativity in which i wrote two full songs and recorded the beginnings of them as well as several covers.  then (just like with grad school!) my energy waned and i got distracted and then the feedback loop of creative dread started (not having energy and feeling distracted but feeling like i should have energy and not be distracted and then feeling bad about this so having less energy and being distracted and etc.)  so instead of doing one release with 5 or 6 songs, i’m going to put them out more piecemeal which i don’t even know why i’m going on about this because do you really give a shit?

this is the first track i wrote and recorded for the christmas EP.  it’s called, appropriately enough, “christmas song.”  i think musically i was kind of going for the midpoint between kid rock and pavement, erring more on the side of kid rock (when i was laying down the guitars and the lyrics weren’t quite finished, i did a scratch vocal with some of the lyrics from “bawitdabaw”).  i’m fairly satisfied with it – i don’t like how in the verses the muted guitar parts are so noisy but i can’t rerecord them for annoying technical reasons.  i tried to eq out some of the really annoying tones but it seems like with that much gain, i was hitting harmonics basically everywhere on the neck.  i also feel like the octave solo at the end is pretty de rigeur for me but i just really wanted a solo there.  in an earlier draft there were some strings in the background but the mix seemed too busy so i took them out.


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