January 23, 2009

fuck emma forever (oh oh)

i just got a new guitar yesterday!  i haven’t had an acoustic guitar in a year and i haven’t had a nylon string ever.  it’s awesome.  so today i wanted to record something to test it and the new microphones i also got.  i quickly got on this kind of grizzly-bear-ish fingerpicking thing and decided to go with it.  the lyrics are basically cliched hipster criticism but i think there are some funny details (organic oatmeal stout) and i like the hooks at the middle and end.  the hating for the singer-songwriter revivalist thing is mostly just a pose – i really liked all of that bon iver album and i really liked parts of grizzly bear’s album and i really like, well, um, one song by fleet foxes.  but like i said, the lyrics were a strictly first draft sort of thing.  i think they were inspired by my memories of that this american life story about the city guy who wanted to be a farmer but was too lazy and also that new york times story from a while ago about hipster farmers (i am too lazy to look up links for these).  at one point there was a dig at michael pollan but i couldn’t rhyme anything with pollan but “fallin'” so i cut it for the found joke.  i do genuinely hate indie beards but i think that might partially be because i can’t grow one and i resent not having the option.  i wanted to do some big harmonies but i couldn’t make my first couple attempts work so i just added the mellotron strings.  i’ve been working on long writing projects lately and it was really nice to just start and finish something in one sitting


3 Responses to “fe4ev00”

  1. Camille Says:

    Why oh why doesn’t the song work?

  2. songsaboutbuildingsandfood Says:

    are you sure? i just tried the link and the player and they both work for me. if they still don’t work, let me know and i’ll e-mail it to your or something.

  3. Camille Says:

    I got it! I forgot that I was using Google Chrome, which messes up players once in a blue moon.

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