January 23, 2009

after making that last post, i’m pretty sure my rss feed for google reader (and possibly other feed readers) didn’t show this massive post i did a couple of weeks ago.  if you didn’t see it (believe me, you would have noticed), you can read it here.


2 Responses to “p.s.”

  1. Sharif Says:

    It did not show. I had to LOOK for it. Don’t let that happen again.

    I have comments to make on it, but they are festering in my mind. I will try to articulate them tomorrow.

  2. m Says:

    Liked, definitely. That kind of ecstatic sentence appreciation is one of my very favorite things. Whenever I’m reading some giant book like Tree of Smoke I get a weird sentence anxiety about how any person could decide that these are the 30000 (or whatever) sentences that they’re going to put in a book with this word choice and in this order. I have no idea how I’ve rationalized* that I should try writing flash fiction considering sentence anxiety with that should probably be ten fold.

    The longest fiction thing I’ve ever written is also the only thing I have in print, some 2000 words about fetishizing kitchen appliances which I guess is what happens when you read too much Cheever. There’s probably one decent sentence in the whole thing.

    *uh, laziness.

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