for a while

February 12, 2009

for a while

so i know i said i don’t like writing lyrics like two seconds ago, but actually writing the lyrics for this song was the most fun part of the thing.  i guess that’s because i didn’t take it too seriously and i had genre conventions to play with so i didn’t have to worry so much about, you know, expressing myself.  i’ve had the intro verse and chorus of this for a couple of months (that pussy/penis/weather part stuck in my head) but today i finally wrote the rest of the lyrics and recorded it.  originally it was a lot more weird and pastiche-y — i would do the verses in this jokey johnny cash impression and then do a complete about-face and have a sincere cat power kind of chorus (i was playing the song on a clean electric instead of an acoustic then, so the cat power thing really came through).  ultimately, i decided to play it a lot more straight in terms of vocal performance and production although i still like the little bit of contrast between the verse and chorus.  most choruses tend to get bigger than the verses that precede them but i like that this chorus gets smaller.

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