not like a goodbye scene

March 6, 2009

“Sources connected to the show tell us that Lauren has already filmed her final scene, and it was a very emotional goodbye…

“She filmed Wednesday at Comme Ça with Brody in the afternoon,” says the insider, “then with Brody at Beso. It filmed out of order so it wasn’t like a goodbye scene. But then the entire restaurant stood up and gave her a round of applause and she got tears and Adam Devillo gave her flowers.”

Another insider who was there during filming says, “There were definitely tears. All around the room. I don’t think anyone expected it to be so emotional, but five years is a long time.”


2 Responses to “not like a goodbye scene”

  1. Not to get all mushy or whatever, but I can’t watch The City without thinking that LC has/had a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that Whitney — for all her urban trappings — utterly lacks. I think this has to do with a sense of deeper melancholy that LC projects (even if unconsciously), a sense of longing/nostalgia/incompleteness that will not be “cured” by meeting some guy, but is linked to the process of growing older and leaving your old self behind, which has been a theme of the show, and one I’ve enjoyed.

  2. songsaboutbuildingsandfood Says:

    no, i agree 100%. i haven’t been keeping up with lauren and heidi and i didn’t watch all of the fourth season of The Hills but i was surprised by how much that little news blip about the goodbye scene affected me emotionally. that’s testament to exactly the thing you’re describing. although i think i prefer the way you put it another time, when you said it was about “both a longing for and dread of ‘change'”. there’s the sense that getting a new best friend or dumping this boy or dating this other one could possibly fix it but never ever does. there was a lot of talk about the cognitive dissonance between the characters’ real lives and their lives on the show but the idea that lauren has all these material successes but is still not really happy at all is really powerful. maybe it’s about control, too, like lauren seems to believe that if she could just micromanage more, if she could just control the people and things and events around her better and more fully, then maybe life could be okay for her, too, that it would fill whatever void is in her. that resonates for me — she resonates.

    (and i like the idea that her wanting to become a more low impact celebrity (fashion designer/YA author) is just another “change” that probably (tragically) won’t work and will leave her hungry for the spotlight again)

    i enjoy The City when i come across it but honestly i don’t even keep up with it regularly. i used to love whitney as a secondary character but as the anchor of a show all i can think as i watch the show is “how are you the star of this show?!” olivia is actually the only character i can identify with. i know that she’s ostensibly the villain but i can’t help but feel that she’s the only one who has any kind of internal anything that i want to feel. yes, her fauxcialite schtick is kind of tired but at least it’s SOMETHING real that she’s connected to to, something solid. her conventions and code are stupid but at least she’s trying to live her life to a standard, like, has goals and wants and is willing to do things to make them happen. i had some fiction writing teacher at some point who said that for every story you write, you have to know what your character wants and what she’s willing to do to get it — lauren doesn’t know what she wants but is willing to do anything and everything possible to get it; olivia – wants something specific but will only do certain things allowable by her persona to get it; whitney – ?

    (and like, yeah, whitney, you probaly SHOULD know who graydon carter is)

    i think that olivia has this pretty interesting internal tension which has to do with she knows that she’s pretty and well dressed and pedigreed and she’s doing this same bullshit job as whitney and just as well as her but all of this doesn’t seem to matter, it doesn’t seem to be getting her the things she wants — she can’t break the narrative and elevate herself the way heidi (kind of) did on The Hills. like, you know olivia feels she should be the star of the show but also knows that that’s completely untenable, that she’s not the star and that she can’t change it. it’s kind of a shallower, superficial version of lauren’s more deep, existential tension. olivia’s curse, i think, is that she can’t (at least yet) control it and project it the way lauren can, she can’t make the inside out.

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