cixous sells seashells

March 26, 2009


cixous sells seashells

the other day i read a thing about how some journals barthes wrote on a trip to china and after the death of his mother were being published and there was some “controversy” about this (via).  the combination of that and the feminine ecriture thing from yesterday reminded me of this song i wrote part of a while ago, so i finished it and recorded it today.  the song basically envisions this sort of alternate universe where all these dead critical theorists are living today and in the first section they lead these sort of mundane, depressed lives because nobody cares about what they have to say and then, in the second section, i directly address them and chastise them gently but then tell them i love them anyway. it was originally about artists in general and not critical theorists and i do kind of regret that by changing it i had to lose my verse about michelangelo, which went: “michelangelo makes pieta pockets / cooks a lot of gyros, sells them for a euro / he sculpts souvlaki, crafts teppanyaki / he’s a real renaissance man with a cast iron pan.”  in life, though, there’s loss, right?  i’ll just have to deal with it.  as rollie wrote, “time makes nothing happen; it only washes down the emotivity of bereavement.”


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