deeper than rap?

May 6, 2009

Some thoughts (?) I had while listening to the new Rick Ross album:

Rick Ross – James Frey
Diddy – Jay McInerney
R. Kelly – Bret Easton Ellis
Mos Def – Dave Eggers
Missy Elliot – Zadie Smith
Timbaland – Gordon Lish
T-Pain – Chuck Palahniuk
Andre 3000 – Vladimir Nabokov
Tupac – Charles Bukowski
Ghostface – William Burroughs
RZA – John Barth
Q Tip – Donald Barthelme
Biz Markie – Richard Brautigan
Wale – Colson Whitehead
Asher Roth – Benjamin Kunkel
Aesop Rock – Ben Marcus
Kanye West – David Foster Wallace
Lil Wayne – Mark Leyner
MF Doom – China Mieville
Soulja Boy – Tao Lin
Nas – Ralph Ellison
Notorious B.I.G. – John Updike
Jay Z – Don DeLillo

I can’t figure out Phillip Roth.

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