hiroshima gift shop

May 21, 2009

This video is called “Hiroshima Gift Shop” and it’s about Leni Riefenstahl’s ghost having a nightmare while waiting for the American Idol finale to come  back from commercial.  I never thought Alessandra Stanley’s criticism would inspire anything in me other than frustration, but her American Idol recap, besides making an interesting point  about AI as a cultural institution, reminded me of last night’s long, bizarre State Farm commercial soundtracked by the Jackson 5 and I’d had this Leni Riefenstahl interview clip that I’ve wanted to use since I did that post with clips from ‘Olympia’ and so I made this (please watch in HQ).  The cutting is kind of sloppy and scene selection and everything could have been done better but I just wanted to execute it quickly since this idea will mean nothing to anyone by the end of the week and, regardless of the quality, I think it’s worth a watch if only for the match cut from the marathon runner to the woman chasing the boxcar.


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