August 9, 2009

So I disappeared for a while!  I wish there was some interesting story behind it like I went on a trip somewhere exotic like South America or the moon or I got swine flu or something but really what happened is that at the beginning of July, since I had done so much writing in June, I thought I would give myself a couple of days off from writing in order to relax before coming back refreshed after the Fourth and really banging out some pages but then when I tried to come back refreshed after the Fourth I couldn’t write anything at all probably because I had been a total dumbass and stopped writing and gotten out of my routine and lost my inspiration and all that bullshit and this inability to write triggered kind of my sort of yearly kind of complete nervous breakdown (which I usually have in the fall or winter, not the summer!) and so because of the nervous breakdown I could really not write anything for a while and then after a lot of frustrating stuff I started to be kind of productive again but that productivity was channeled into writing several long things that were taking forever to finish and so I am just now getting some things to the level of acceptability that makes it possible for me to show them to you and so that’s why I’m writing this here now and am “back” or something like it or whatever.  Also, just FYI, from now on there may be a little more fiction than usual interspersed between the personal essays and multimedia collage and all that because I’m trying to work up a portfolio so I can apply to grad school at the end of the year so that hopefully at some point in the future I can stop being a depressive loser and start being a happy and productive member of society (this is what happens when people go to graduate school, right?) and in order to keep myself writing stuff I need to post it here because I find that I have a lot of trouble writing without an audience which probably says something deep and profound about we live in public and oversharing and etc. but I could really care less about all of it as long as I’m making stuff and people are experiencing it.  Anyway, thanks to those who expressed concern about me being gone while I was gone and thanks to everyone else for bearing with me.


3 Responses to “back”

  1. R J Keefe Says:

    You were missed!

  2. songsaboutbuildingsandfood Says:


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