• “the hills” – raymond carver
  • “weeds” – lorrie moore
  • “big love” – jeffrey eugenides
  • “rock of love with bret michaels” – norman mailer
  • “californication” – bukowski (phillip roth if you want to be generous)
  • “big brother” – walter benjamin
  • “the sopranos” – don delillo (leaning heavily on ‘libra’ with a dash of ‘underworld’)
  • “the flavor of love” – percival everett (circa ‘erasure’)
  • “flight of the conchords” – aimee bender
  • “hey paula” – joan didion
  • “entourage” – john cheever
  • “the office” – nicholson baker
  • “lost” – thomas pynchon


what a bizarre story. i had a friend who saw ted turner at the tallahassee mall once, eating a cinnabon, but it never felt like he was actually present in the area. i am happy that the jokes about “yearning” and “white hot centers,” long mainstays of the FSU creative writing department which had really gotten kind of tired even if, as i understood it, they were necessary to maintain your sanity while taking one of his classes, will soon be reinvigorated with all this new material. he is not a bad writer mostly but he is so dogmatic about his method and so absolutely superior as to be pretty insufferable.  i am honored that once i was able to annoy him in person. he was wearing a black leather jacket and made me leave the classroom.