indie rock the news

June 30, 2009

This is a song I recorded today called “indie rock the news,” which is obv. the indie rock version of Auto-Tune the News.  I don’t know how nobody has thought of this joke before.  I was just reading the news today and it was depressing and I was like, “Oh man,” and then the song was written, basically.  Unlike hip hop, which is allowed to be topical and ephemeral (i.e. “mixtapes” and “ringtones”), indie rock should be “authentic” and “express things” so that’s what I tried to do with this song, srsly.  I would have made a funny video like that Auto-Tune guy but making funny videos is a lot of work and I already made you guys the song and stuff, so maybe you can like just imagine in your mind what the news looks like while you listen to the song and that will make it more funny and entertaining and etc.  Maybe you can do some DSOTM/Wizard of Oz kind of thing with the CNN Youtube page, whatever, I don’t know, are you bored yet?

indie rock the news (2:30)

(update: the bass was way too loud on the first mix, sorry)