November 11, 2009


This place has a lot of stuff in it but it feels like there is too much sometimes or often and lately for various serious reasons I just don’t want to have the kind of thoughts that I have to have to write the kind of things I feel like I am supposed to write here. Still, the need to write something and have people besides myself and my pen pals read it has not gone away and so I am trying a new thing right now at this place. I don’t know how long I can sustain it (and I don’t know if I’m done with this blog), but the new one is being updated right now and this one is not, particularly, so there’s that, if you’re interested in new content and everything. Up until recently, I was very passionately opposed to the theory and practice of the Tumblr blogging platform, so much so that I may have even written an absolutely and completely insane multi-thousand-word anonymous rant about it in the comments section of another blog, but then I realized after taking a break from the Internet and talking things over with my therapist that it is probably not a good idea to have strongly held beliefs about a blogging platform (just kidding, I can’t afford a therapist and will probably never, thanks John Boehner). Anyway, if you’d like to read what I’m writing now, I would like for you to read it. So far, I have written about topics including Lydia Davis, Gideon Bibles, Soap Opera Digest, obstructed expressionism, and health care reform. I am also going to start posting the songs from an album I recorded recently. If you’re still out there, feel free to subscribe.