song – tigerbeat

July 31, 2007

[splashcast DFCE2346EM UIGE8139IG]

tiger beat

this song is called tiger beat.  it is an attempt to describe moments of ephemeral happiness, the kind where even if your life is in a place that is kind of complicated and not exactly how you planned it you can still be happy for a moment for no reason and that happiness is less a mental state than a physical feeling, like me, i’ll suddenly just feel like my chest has gone hollow and the negative things have been replaced by cotton candy or  clouds or some other kind of sweet, thick padding around my organs and bones.  and usually it’s gone in a moment, like when you’re laying out and and you feel like you’re going to die it’s so hot and then for some reason your eyes don’t have to squint anymore because there’s a little cloud over you, for probably just a moment, not long at all, but it’s enough that you don’t feel like you’re going to die anymore, and what else can you really ask for in life but that?

it also kind of makes me think of the lion king.

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